Applications – Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Driven by the growing popularity of outdoor spaces as an extension of modern homes, the market for outdoor furniture in the United States is projected to reach $4.6 billion by the year 2012. Future growth in the market is expected to be sustained by innovations in style, colors and designs.


The US outdoor furniture market stands enthused by the rapidly changing lifestyle trends in favor of greater outdoor indulgence. With family life steadily extending beyond the four walls of a closed home, the business case for outdoor furniture is expected to become stronger, and more lucrative. Rising penchant among homeowners to entertain guests outdoors is leading to increased number and frequency of outdoor parties, barbeques, high tea, and lawn picnics. This is leading to increased demand for outdoor gas grills, outdoor fireplace, decorative patio umbrellas, poolside chairs, tables and recliners, among several others. As an extension of one’s living space, the outdoors are being furnished with great care and high style. Being perceived as a style statement than a necessity, outdoor furniture market is expected to be influenced largely by innovations in styles, colors and designs. Technology innovations in weather resistant materials, and furniture fabrics, which extend product durability, are also forecasted to drive demand for outdoor furniture, when combined with the allure of DShape stone which is light but resilient, and the mass-customization capability inherent in the technology, a winning combination of market conditions and technological capability is achieved.


DShape technology can be utilized in a great many of these outdoor applications including outdoor chairs, tables, fireplaces, decorative patio umbrellas, and sculptural landscaping works. Our machines have been instrumental in producing high-resolution concrete applications. DShape produced stunning works that are culturally significant, works that span the globe. As the artistic communities continue to develop large-scale applications DShape will be there to serve and support those communities with the highest levels of quality and support.


Design in Latitude, a London-based Landscape Design firm won a Gold Medal and a Sustainability award from the Royal Horticultural Society in Hampton Court Garden Show, 2010. Their design, called ‘Together Again’ featured a centerpiece arch and bench design and was printed by DShape in recycled limestone.


US demand to reach nearly $7 billion in 2015

US demand for outdoor furniture and grill products (including patio heaters and accessories such as umbrellas, covers, cushions and grilling utensils) is expected to increase to almost $7 billion in 2015. This growth reflects an improvement over the 2005-2010 period, during the latter half of which reduced consumer spending associated with the economic recession limited demand for these products. The market for outdoor furniture and grill products will benefit from improvements in construction expenditures and consumer spending, as well as the continued popularity of outdoor living areas such as patios, porches and decks. In addition, growing interest in outdoor rooms with coordinated décor will support gains as consumers continue to invest in higher quality products.


In the $80 billion home furnishings industry, the market for outdoor furniture is “not huge,” said Raymond Allegrezza, editor in chief of Furniture Today and editorial director of its sister publication Casual Living. “The total value is $3.8 billion, but if you’re a retailer in a challenged economy, a $3.8 billion slice of pie is nothing to sneeze at,” he said. “People are actively going after it.” They are encouraged, industry experts said, by a confluence of factors.


Consumers influenced by shows like “Indoors Out” on the DIY Network and “The Outdoor Room” on HGTV are eager to decorate their backyards and terraces not just for lounging and entertaining, but for activities more commonly performed indoors, like cooking, bathing and office work.


According to a survey published in April by HGTV and Casual Living magazine, 87 percent of the roughly 5,000 Americans interviewed said an outdoor room in their homes was “important or very important,” and more than half had one. Another 15 percent said they were in the process of creating one.


Due to the dominance of the residential market, which accounted for over 90 percent of total outdoor furniture and grill demand in 2010, consumer spending and home decorating trends are factors that are significant drivers of demand. Residential consumers will continue to prefer more stylish, higher quality outdoor furniture and grill products that provide an extension of living spaces into the outdoors.


Consumers are also increasingly trading in basic, inexpensive furniture for higher quality dining and conversation sets. Going forward, the expected rebound in the housing market combined with the continued popularity of outdoor rooms and home entertainment activities will offer opportunities in the residential market. However, the fastest gains are expected in the significantly smaller nonresidential market, driven by the continued popularity of outdoor dining and entertainment spaces at such establishments at restaurants, bars and hotels.


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