D-Shape is a machine (sometimes called a “three dimensional printer”) that builds three dimensional objects by placing layers of sand (or some other material) on top of each other, and using glue or binder to hold the structure together. It was originally invented by Enrico Dini.

The layers of sand are held by a binding agent said to be a magnesium-based solution. Resolution of the layers is claimed to be 5-10mm. Photographs from the Blueprint Magazine article suggest that this technology uses a powder-and-binder approach with a cartesian gantry–similar to 3D printing but adapted to architectural scale.

Dini has used the device to build structures of a few feet in height. He hopes to eventually use it to construct buildings, including buildings on the moon made of moon dust.


D-Shape has a long history of innovating on behalf of the customers we serve. Whether we’re researching ways to create higher resolution through advance deposition systems, developing products that generate greater efficiency, or exploring new ways to exploit autonomous solutions, our strength is our ability to integrate ideas and actions to help our customers achieve their business objectives.


The D-Shape is Greentech, it is designed to be sustainable, from the liquid binders we use in our processes to the particle granulates in our materials. It only uses what is needed. It can use waste products from construction and mining industry or reduce mileage embedded in shipping material by using locally sourced inputs. Furthermore, it does away with costly formwork that is embedded in the cost of casting.


The D-Shape is a tool for Mass Customization. Unlike Mass Production, a great deal of objects can be made yet each is tailored to a specific circumstance without extra cost. The D-Shape provides a Freedom of Design. The Designer is no longer constrained in any shape or form.


How D-Shape Works

The D-Shape is a large-scale 3D Printer that deposits a liquid binder onto a powder bed made of a solid reactant and aggregate. Layer by layer, a 3D model can be converted into a solid object with no limitation except your own imagination.



The right equipment, the right people, the right plan. Whether you are seeking to implement artificial coral reefs, to build government infrastructure or interior design products, to create large scale sculptural artwork, or even build deep space habitats, only D-Shape can deliver what you need, when you need it, and at the world-class quality which sets D-Shape apart.


Sustainability Highlights Sheet

D-Shape and its customers play a major role in satisfying the world’s increasing demand for additive manufacturing concrete and cement technology.



The pace of innovation in our industry is increasingly robust and the benefits of new technologies and processes have far-reaching impact. In order to maximize these opportunities D-Shape partners with industry, government and academic institutions around the world to leverage world-class expertise and speed the pace of research and development for the benefit of our customers.



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