Products – 2014 Vanguard Series 1




D-Shape Specifications 2014 Vanguard Series 1

Cost: USD $ 250,000.00 with three year warranty

Overall Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 m

Height: 3 to 18 m

Weight: 1,300 kg (5000 kg including sand feeding equipment)

Maximum Print Area: 6 x 6 x 8 m

Power Supply: 220V -380V 50Hz

Power Consumption: 2kW peak (40 kW peak w/ sand feeding equipment)

Command and Control System: PC-PLC Siemens via Profibus protocol

Productivity: 5-20 cm/hour

Pixel dimensions: 5 mm

Min. Layer Thickness: 5 mm +/- 0.5 mm

Max Layer Thickness: 60 mm

Theoretical Resolution: 25 dpi

Observed Resolution: 4-6 dpi

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