The latest 3D Printer has arrived in the United States!

Exciting News! That is right, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the majority shareholder, Monolite UK Ltd., the latest and most advanced D-Shape stone and concrete 3D printer has been delivered to the United States and has been assembled. The machine is currently undergoing test-printing and calibration ahead of numerous clients and customers who have already signed up for production series runs using the system. For more information and questions please feel free to reach out to


D-Shape Partners with Singularity University


D-Shape Enterprises is excited to announce a new partnership with Singularity University for the Billion by 2020 program. Furthermore, D-Shape will be presented at the closing graduation commencement ceremony. The partnership is expected to produce a feasible near-term game plan for the fabrication of refugee habitats, emergency response infrastructure, and more.

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This is exciting. First Entirely 3D Printed Estate is Coming to NY, Including a 3D Printed 2400 Sqft House, Pool & More. BY · AUGUST 20, 2014.  New York City architect/contractor Adam Kushner begins construction of the first ever 3D printed estate, which features a 3D printed swimming pool, 4-bedroom, 2400 square foot home, and more.  The 3D printer which will be a modified version of Enrico Dini’s D-shape printer, will, if all goes as planned, eventually be able to automatically place rebar within the 3D printed house, as it prints.

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Dezeen covers the Radiolaria Pavillion

Andrea Morgante, founder of Shiro Studio, has collaborated with D-Shape to produce the Radiolaria pavilion, a complex, free-form structure produced using the world’s largest 3D printer. Measuring 3 x 3 x 3 metres, the structure is a scale model of a final 10-metre tall pavilion to be built in Pontedera, Italy, in 2010.


D-Shape, the world’s first large-scale stereolithic printer, was developed by Italian engineer Enrico Dini in 2008 to offer architects the design freedom that rapid prototyping allows.


The structure is made of an artificial sandstone material and does not feature any internal reinforcement.


Held together by an inorganic binder, the resultant material has excellent strength properties – with some performance characteristics superior to portland cement – and will not damage the environment.

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D-Shape Enterprises Awarded First U.S. permit for 3-D Printed Construction in Upstate New York


D-Shape has been awarded the first U.S. permit for 3-D Printed Construction in Upstate New York. The company owns a 5 acre estate in Gardener, New York. Work has already begun on the property, with electricity being run, and wells and topological maps created. The company plans to demonstrate modular pool construction techniques, creating a beautiful, cutting edge community outdoor pool. Following completion, the company will then begin the construction of a pool house, water fountain, parking lot, and estate. D-Shape is expected to begin the concrete slab construction process within the next two to three months, with the entire project estimated to require 12 months.

IMG_5086 covers a promising step in the fight to restore the coastal habitats by D-Shape


Experts say it is a promising step in the fight to restore the coastal habitats, but the focus must also be on regrowing natural corals. Dini hopes his creations can not only help to protect the environment but also be used to print pieces for humans in the future.

Enrico Dini’s D-shape 3D printer is a large aluminium gantry structure, which uses CAM software to drive a huge print head during the building process. It can print buildings – at least the most parts of it – on site with much less manpower needed for construction. It deposits sand followed by an inorganic binding material. Excess material acts as a support to the binded structure and when the print is finished the excess material can be removed and reused.

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