Incredible Bridge Produced by Founder, Enrico Dini for IAAC!

Pictured: Founder Enrico Dini

Here is Enrico pictured celebrating on the 3D printed bridge, produced by D-Shape technology. Enrico, the majority shareholder of D-Shape Enterprises as Monolite UK Ltd., has always considered infrastructure and exterior landscaping markets to be a prime candidate for early market adoption of this incredible technology. The Bridge here was 3D printed and produced in Europe. A collaboration between the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in Barcelona, Spain, and ACCIONA, a company dedicated to Spain’s sustainable infrastructure, have pipped other bridge innovators to the post by installing the first 3D printed bridge in a park south of Madrid. In an exclusive interview with 3DPI, the IAAC design team revealed some of the secrets behind 3D printing the Alcobendas bridge, and share great promise for the future of 3D printed architecture.

For more information please visit this article:

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