Portfolio – Case Studies

Case Studies

DShape has collaborated on a variety of case studies which have augmented our understanding of market analysis in the industries we serve.


DShape: Expanding Horizons in Architecture

Topology Optimization in Architectural Design

Commissioned by: Universität der Künste Berlin UDK

Designed by Prof. Dipl. Ing. Norbert Palz

Created to demonstrate that one could optimize structures to strengthen them with the same

or less material than traditional creations.

Only possible with the advent of Concrete 3D Printing techniques created by DShape


Garden Furnishings

Root Lounge Chair

Commissioned by MGX Materialise Leuven  – Belgium

Designed by Kol/Mac NYC

Sold for $6,000



Together Again

Commissioned by Holiday Inn

Designed by C.L. Modoloco/V. Pustygina & L. Giananneschi/Design in Latitude

“Inspired by continuous attempts of finding more and more environmentally friendly design solutions, this garden introduces, for the first time in landscaping practice, the use of a new D-shape building technology which has been developed to bring together sustainable cost-effective production and capability to overcome the constraints of traditional methods in creating the buildings of modern era. “



Spiral Holes

Commissioned by: University of Twente

Designer: Rinus Roelofs

“I came in contact with Enrico Dini (the inventor of the machine) at the University of Eindhoven (WAAS conference 2009 – I was there to give a Grasshopper workshop). After his presentation it was immediately clear to me that I had to go to Pisa, where the printer is located, for the realisation in stone of some of my Rhino designs. This year a complete new printer is build with many improvements based on the experiences with their first printer. The new printer came in use only 4 months ago. And after some experiments, failures and adjustments of my Rhino-model, the sculpture came out very well. It was good to work with the people of Dinitech. And I will be happy to start a next project with them.”


Lunar Construction

3D Printing of Building Blocks using Lunar Regolith

Commissioned by The European Space Agency

Managed by Alta Space + Scuola Superiore S.Anna

Designed by Foster+Partners | Specialist Modelling Group

Portion of a “Lunar House” was created by the DShape using D-NA Simulated Lunar Soil. Items were made to detemine the suitability of using 3D printing to create a Lunar Habitat.


Interior Design

Stilte Centrum

Commissioned by VUmc Dagchirurgisch Centrum

Designed by Francesco Messori|D/Dock Design Development, Amsterdam

“We believe D-shape will be a big chance for architects and designers in the Netherlands and internationally, for the infinite design chances that can produce, and for the acceptable cost of development and production….We are developing new ideas for applications in our projects which I hope soon will be reality. ”





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