Company – History



Since the 19th century, the construction industry has been using Portland cement to cast concrete into a formwork containing a steel cage, cementing bricks and stones using masonry. Despite the availability of construction machinery such as cranes, pumps, concrete mixers, moulds and form works, the building industry is currently reliant on the manual intervention of professional builders who are the hands which operate the machinery.

Today’s construction technology lags behind the available computer design technology. The new 3D CAD software allows architects to conceive and design construction easily but existing building methods prevent the full potential of the new design software from being achieved. Existing materials such as reinforced concrete and masonry are expensive and inflexible. To build a complex concave-convex surface, for example, would require the pre-fabrication of expensive formworks and cages, the mounting of complicated scaffolding and then the manual casting. Furthermore, existing techniques require skilled personnel to continually refer to plans/blue-prints which is very expensive.

Enrico Dini was born in Pisa in 1962 and graduated in Civil Engineering at Pisa University. His family have an amazing record of scientific advancement; Enrico is closely related to the mathematician who derived Dini’s theorem and his father worked for the man to invented the Vespa motorcycle and who got the world’s first Helicopter to fly.


Enrico has spent his entire career in the sector of mechanics, automation and robotics,

manufacturing automatic machines and he works in cooperation with Foster+Partners, Zaha Hadid Architects, the European Space Agency , the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, (the technological branch of the famous Scuola Normale of Pisa), with many high-tech companies and with the Department of Engineering of the “Ulisse Dini” of Pisa.


Enrico is the inventor of the D-Shape Printer.



Experiments begun between 2005 and 2007

DShape Ltd. Incorporated in UK

Patent filed in Sept. 2007

Raises 1.1 Million Euros in 2009 to create a manufacturing and printing facility in Pisa, Italy

DShape is on the front cover of Blueprint Magazine in May 2010

DShape prints its 1000th M^3

Signs 100K Euro Contract with ESA to experiment with 3D Printing a Lunar base, designed by Foster+Partners

Printer purchased by Sardinian firm, in order to complete the first 3D Printed building, Villa Boulder.

New D-Shape Enterprises HQ created in Manhattan, NY in Dec 2014.


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