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DShape is committed to the development of concrete additive manufacturing in space to drive human progress towards the stars through creating infrastructure for future explorers and colonists. With DShape technology it is possible to build infrastructure in micro-gravity environments. Infrastructure produced by DShape will open the stars to humanity through the ability of the technology to produce outer space infrastructure. DShape has been awarded and has completed successful demonstration projects and we believe the technology can be utilized for construction of trusses and frames in deep space on asteroids, on the moon, and on Mars. Using DShape space systems we posses the capability to provide this critical infrastructure required by future explorers and colonists.

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The most feasible goals at this current time focus on the production of asteroid colony habitats. By using a combination of DShape additive manufacturing technology and traditional cave exploration technologies, Dshape can create artificial cave volumes within large monolithic asteroids.

Once these artificial cave structures have been created, the DShape machine can then produce structural truss frames to support the interior volume, and then “wall off” the entrance with several layers of infrastructure including large hangar spaces, docking ports, and storage bays. The internal cave pathway can be lined with inflatable habitat structures to support colonists. This will provide suitable protection against radiation inherent in deep space for long term habitation. Apart from the liquid binder the machine will carry, the materials can be utilized in-situ to save critical mission mass, produced from the excavated cave material of a carbonaceous chondrite.

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The exterior of these asteroid colonies can further be utilized to produce infrastructure for large telescope arrays, landing pads, factory warehouses, and radar infrastructure. These asteroid colonies could hold hundreds, if not thousands of astronauts, tourists, and colonists. Further, these asteroids can be inserted into Earth-Mars cycler orbits to facilitate the colonization of Mars via Phobos and Deimos for thousands, if not millions of eventual colonists.

While this is an audacious plan we believe this to be ultimately feasible, and the asteroid cycler concept presents an ideal solution for the inherent difficulty of using chemical and ion propulsion to navigate the expensive gravity wells found in the planetary bodies of this solar system.

That is not to say, however, that our machine will not be utilized on the Martian, or Lunar surface. In fact, much in the same we are planning to utilize asteroids to create generation cycler ships, these same principles can be applied to the caves of of Mars and the Moon, or to increase the radiation shielding capabilities of habitats on these planetary bodies or in orbit.

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DShape is currently investigation landing hardware possibilities to one day deliver our technology to the surfaces of these planetary bodies. In the meantime, we will continue to champion asteroid colonies because of the inherent advantage of minimal gravity wells, and the potential to create extensive large-scale infrastructure on Earth-Mars cycling bodies using our mega-scale additive manufacturing technology.

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