Company – Strategy


In the next decade, the most successful companies will be those that integrate sustainability into their core businesses. That’s what we’re doing at DShape, and we are helping our customers do the same.


We will execute our strategy by working to meet our long-term aspirational goals. We set yearly targets where possible and are working on additional targets to help us measure our annual progress.

The strategy includes a vision of the future where:


  • DShape is the recognized leader in the future of Construction
  • Our products, services and solutions help our customers reduce their environmental impact, reduce costs and leverage the design possibilities.
  • The stylistic thinking of Architects and built landscape is completely altered wherever a DShape 3D Printer is, or where DShape printed Products can be found


Goals for the next five years are focused in three areas:


  • Improving our printed product so that they are acceptable tools and building materials in the Construction industry and state regulatory groups
  • Improving the speed, resolution and reliability of our DShape printer
  • Working with clients to see how they can use DShape to solve the biggest problems in Construction, be it design or engineering.



2020 Goals for Operations


  • Design or retrofit all new buildings where DShape is operating to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or comparable green building criteria
  • Eliminate waste by reducing waste generation and reusing or recycling all that remains
  • Use alternative / renewable sources to meet 20% of our energy needs
  • Hold subsidiaries and suppliers to high standards of environmental conduct.



2020 Goals for Products, Services and Solutions


  • Consistently beat all existing concrete manufacturing techniques in terms of GHG emissions, in timely delivery and in rapid turnarounds.


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