New article on Founder Enrico Dini in Post Magazine!

Post Magazine Enrico Dini Interview December 2016

Story of world’s first industrial-scale 3D printer is a story of sacrifice

In his quest to build the ultimate machine, Enrico Dini lost a lucrative job, his home, even his family, but the creator of the world’s first industrial 3D printer refuses to give up his dream of making the world a better place


1 DEC 2016

WATCH: Our All-star 3D Printing Panel: Founder James Wolff D-Shape Enterprises

Built Worlds 3D Printing All-Star Panel


by ROB McMANAMY, Editor-in-chief | April 21, 2016

If you missed The Realities of 3D Printing, our March 30 special event here at BuiltWorlds, you actually missed a lot. In fact, you missed the future of BuiltWorlds, and by that I mean the dawn of “live streaming” our thought-provoking shows on compelling issues pushing this industry and your business and this industry further and faster than many of us ever thought possible.

That new “live streaming” era for us (and you) continues now with the BuiltWorlds CEO Tech Forum 2016, which continues to unfold, captivate, and engage even as I type this.

But the true beauty of this is that you didn’t really miss out on these presentations. Just as the #BWCTF16 presentations and discussions will soon be available here on our website, so too now is that extraordinarily well-received 3D Printing program, available below in its entirety. So, sit back, relax, and let the future come to you…

Incredible Bridge Produced by Founder, Enrico Dini for IAAC!

Pictured: Founder Enrico Dini

Here is Enrico pictured celebrating on the 3D printed bridge, produced by D-Shape technology. Enrico, the majority shareholder of D-Shape Enterprises as Monolite UK Ltd., has always considered infrastructure and exterior landscaping markets to be a prime candidate for early market adoption of this incredible technology. The Bridge here was 3D printed and produced in Europe. A collaboration between the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in Barcelona, Spain, and ACCIONA, a company dedicated to Spain’s sustainable infrastructure, have pipped other bridge innovators to the post by installing the first 3D printed bridge in a park south of Madrid. In an exclusive interview with 3DPI, the IAAC design team revealed some of the secrets behind 3D printing the Alcobendas bridge, and share great promise for the future of 3D printed architecture.

For more information please visit this article:

The latest 3D Printer has arrived in the United States!

Exciting News! That is right, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the majority shareholder, Monolite UK Ltd., the latest and most advanced D-Shape stone and concrete 3D printer has been delivered to the United States and has been assembled. The machine is currently undergoing test-printing and calibration ahead of numerous clients and customers who have already signed up for production series runs using the system. For more information and questions please feel free to reach out to


New D-Shape next-generation mobile multi-purpose 3D printer system concept renderings

It is my great honor to debut these two new renderings from the next-generation mobile multi-purpose 3D printer system being developed by D-Shape Enterprises LLC for residential construction, infrastructure, DOD military, and NASA space applications. The artwork is produced by Lead Designer Douglas Shrock, a brilliant artist with a world class portfolio of artwork. This represents a new day for D-Shape, as we begin to stake out our leadership in the emerging industry of mobile rover fabrication systems. Stay tuned, as NY World Makerfaire approaches for more artwork, renderings, and videos. Share with your friends, and google Shrox to view and purchase his amazing artwork. I truly believe it is a good investment and they will all be collectors items someday in our far future digital worlds.

D-shaperover1 D-shaperover2

Renderings & Details Unveiled for Extraordinary 3D Printed Home in New York

Written by Eddie Kranssenstein, this latest article in 3Dprint debuts the latest machine pictures and renderings of the estate project,

“This past week at MecklerMedia‘s 3D Print Week NY event, both Kushner and the CEO of D-Shape, James Wolff, were on hand to discuss further details of Kushner’s mammoth project. The project will be undertaken in a location about 85 miles from New York City, on a 5-acre parcel of land that Kushner and his wife purchased back in the spring of 2012.”

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